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LEQUE Association

The LEQUE Association ( it is a portuguese nonprofit private Institution of Social Solidarity, incorporated on 03/06/2009 under the name of LEQUE – ASSOCIATION OF PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. It is registered as ISS from 27/07/2010, with the inscription 69/10, on pages 57 and verse 58, book n. 13 of the Portuguese Associations of Social Solidarity. The LEQUE association it is located in Alfândega da Fé since September 2010 and to date it has 180 families associated. The LEQUE Association is the only social response of the district of Bragança – southern area, covering the municipalities of Vila Flor, Mirandela, Mogadouro, Miranda do Douro, Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Carrazeda de Ansiães as well as the northern part of the Guarda district, including the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, thus covering an approximate geographical area of 3000 km2.

The LEQUE Association aims to improve the quality of life and physical and emotional well – being of people with special needs (disabilities ) and their families, as well as promoting their social inclusion, and a clear focus on training for the difference, since the family context, extending to society. In our services we have the family support office (unique in the district), and a set of services, until now, non-existent in the region for this population: asinotherapy, thermal therapy, rehabilitative osteopathy, psychomotor rehabilitation, psychoeducational therapy and hippotherapy. To the users inclusion in the community th e Association develops the following workshops (aesthetics, hairdressing, mechanics, gardening, cooking, creative arts, etc.). In addition to the specific components mentioned we also develop innovative national activities:. Parental training in the area of disability and the social response “rural and inclusive vacations center” (only in July, August, September).

The action mode, according to quality criteria EQUASS (European Quality in Social Services), has already give great awards to the Association for good social practices. The SROI (Social Return of investement) analysis conducted by Quotidian, requested by EDP Foundation ( certifies that the LEQUE social return is € 2.45 for each € 1.00 invested. In all projects streamlined by the Association, since 2009, are already involved more than 6000 people getting media coverage at regional and national level estimated at about a hundred news (articles, television reports, interviews, etc..).

The LEQUE Association assumes a policy of proximity to its members and to the general community .


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